From the recording The World Is Watching

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Tensions are high everywhere we turn
We got people broken down with words
They can’t see the light on the other side
We got people livin check to check
Afraid of what might be coming next
Some feel like prisoners of their minds

We can be the light for those buried in the dark
Give them hope, guide them to a brand new start
We can catch the ones that can’t stop falling
Be their strength when they’re not strong and
We can love like the world is watching
Like the world is watching

We got people living on the streets
They may have scars that can’t be seen
Some are thinkin bout givin up the fight
We got people hooked on numbing the pain
Searching for a way to escape
As the chaos keeps building up outside

Everyone has a story, we don’t always know what it is
Everyone has a story, we don’t always know where they’ve been